Trap Alert

Company Description

New Frequency specializes in the development and commercialization of affordable software and technology systems that collect data in real time from remote assets and aggregate such data into useable and actionable information accessible over the web.

The Trap Alert™ system is a combination of hardware, software, GPS and wireless technologies that enable animal trappers to actively monitor the status and location of animal traps through a web-based application. The Trap Alert™ system, which includes the Trap Alert™ system web application, significantly increases the efficiency of managing a large number of traps.

The Need

The company needed a comprehensive cloud-based software application to provide a more efficient monitoring and notification system for its Trap-Alert system. The application also needed to address the needs of multiple industries. The Trap-Alert application, the lessons learned from its use and New Frequency’s strategic plan were some of the inputs used to develop the new application.


1.    Uses privileges, roles and a display function that fine-tune a user’s profile, editing rights and what information is displayed to the user.
2.    Provides multiple notification protocols.
3.    Allows an administrator to assign specific roles and privileges to different sets of users such as customers, the trappers and those managing the business.


As a result of the new software application, New Frequency has been approached by well-known companies to aggressively and extensively expand its product offerings throughout the nation and internationally. New Frequency has already asked Georgia Tech to be part of the expansion.

Application Characteristics:

1.    Web based
2.    Apache, MySQL, Windows 7, PHP, Drupal and YUI JavaScript technologies
3.    Acts upon messages received from New Frequency
4.    Allows editing of data (i.e. Users, Locations, etc.)
5.    Displays information (tables, charts, maps) needed by users
6.    Provides an audit trail
7.    Sends notifications via e-mail, text or twitter
8.    Is fail-safe. If the system should fail, a job will be automatically restarted from the point of failure. No job should ever be lost or orphaned under any circumstances.